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Why Equal Academy

The aim of EQUAL ACADEMY is to encourage debate and exchange ideas. Together with others, we aim to lend our legal expertise to the major professional, economic and social challenges of our ever-changing world.

Make law accessible to all

We want to show that the practice of law is in constant evolution and can help institutions and citizens to face the challenges of our society by promoting sustainable solutions aimed at creating well-being for all.

Comme avocat, être capable de collaborer avec des experts dans divers domaines est un excellent remède contre la monotonie!

Christophe Dubois - Avocat Associé EQUAL Partners
  • Understandable

    If we want law to play an active role in leading our society towards well-being for all, we need to make it understandable and accessible to all, without resorting to complex legalese. This is one of the core objectives of EQUAL Academy.

  • Relevant

    More than ever, lawyers must work in close partnership with citizens and public institutions to better understand and measure the daily challenges they are facing. We strongly believe that law can help create relevant and long-lasting solutions.

  • Collaborative

    We believe in enriching and confronting our practice of law to other perspectives and actors. Members of EQUAL Academy are convinced that law benefits from a collaborative, participate and horizontal approach.

  • Committed

    Environment, energy, health, privacy, public procurement, urban planning, public finance, ... are areas of public law that must be supported by commitment, humanist values and a strong societal perspective.